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Chokyi Nyima Rinpoche often says that the sign of a genuine practitioner is that he or she is courageous on behalf of others and meek on behalf of himself or herself.  In the wake of the devastating earthquake in Nepal, we have the opportunity to become courageous on behalf of others. Let us honor our bodhisattva aspirations.

Right now, we can be of most service through strong fundraising efforts. Rinpoche’s students around the world are already reaching out to friends and family for donations, hosting benefit concerts and fundraising gatherings, and sharing their connection to Nepal and our community. Here are some tips on how you can help fundraise:

Host an event

  • Talk to local music venues, yoga studios and other places in your neighborhood about holding a fundraiser for Nepal.
  • Ask talented friends to perform and local business to donate.
  • Be clear about how the proceeds will be responsibly used.
  • Speak with individuals who might consider matching proceeds from such an event.

Share the details

  • Explain why donating to grassroots organizations like the Shedrub Development Fund empowers local aid groups to provide the most precise support.
  • Explain that much of the area outside of the Kathmandu Valley is inaccessible to larger international NGOs; and that the Shedrub Development Fund is currently sending monks, nuns, and laypeople familiar with the terrain and customs to aid these isolated and suffering districts.
  • Actively share information via your social media avenues.
  • Remember to make it personal. This will help people who do not have a strong connection to Nepal feel a connection through you.

Tend to individuals

  • Encourage donors to tell others about the Shedrub Development Fund.
  • Be courageous! Asking people for money can be intimidating, but others will feel your earnestness and respond in kind.

Form groups

  • Fundraising with friends lightens the emotional and physical load and helps you keep your momentum.
  • Aggregate your resources to host larger events

Our lamas and our community are working tirelessly to alleviate the tremendous suffering in Nepal. Let’s do all we can to honor, with love, intelligence, and effort, the gifts they have given us.

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