Rinpoche sends all of us his greetings and blessings

Today Chokyi Nyima Rinpoche sent all of us his greetings and blessings from his retreat place in Nepal. In this short video Rinpoche gives us some advice for practice in the face of the suffering that many people are facing during the current situation in our world. He suggests that since many of us are spending more time at home these days, we can use some of it for meditation practice.

Rinpoche encourages us all to try the Tara’s Triple Excellence Online Meditation Program, which guides students through this process of becoming calmer, kinder, and clearer, leading eventually to the state of realization. Rinpoche explains that this training will touch our hearts and change us for the better as we navigate the realities of today’s world.

To make this practice program as accessible as possible during these challenge times, the TTE Program is offering all modules at 50% off until the end of April. The TTE Program is offered also in Chinese, Russian, German, Spanish and other languages! As always, students can try the program and, if for any reason it doesn’t fit their needs, within the first 30 days they can get a full refund. https://DharmaSun.org/tte/

Video: (3:43min)

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