New land in Ukraine!

Surprising news:

On Rinpoche´s first day in Kiev he gave teachings to nearly 500 devoted students. In the afternoon Rinpoche consecrated a beautiful stupa in the botanical garden of Kiev. Right there somebody handed Rinpoche four pieces of paper on which there was a map of a property one hour far from Kiev. Rinpoche was told that a student of his wanted to donate this land for a future Gomde Ukraine. Right after this happened a lady gave Rinpoche an embroidery with the letter HUNG, the seed syllable of the enlightened mind. Rinpoche was quite surprised and felt that this was all very auspicious.

Some of Rinpoche´s  students went the next day to look at the property, which was used about 20 years ago as boy scout camp. The land is very beautiful bordering a lake and is located in the middle of a forest.

The next day Rinpoche gave the Trinely Nyingpo empowerment and about 200 people took refuge. Please have a look at the pictures and rejoice in all this goodness! Rinpoche asks everybody to make prayers that the Dharma may firmly take root and flourish in Ukraine!


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