Three Year Retreat Preparation and Seminar at Gomde Pyrenees

Join Rinpoche on the first days of his visit to Gomde Pyrenees.

After an absence of two years during the pandemic, Rinpoche was finally able to return to Gomde. He was delighted to be met by many devoted friends and students, both old and new. The weather was perfect, warm and sunny under bright blue skies.

The exquisite new Sakyamuni Buddha statue had arrived at La Bastide just in time for Rinpoche to fill and consecrate it in the local town hall, setting up the beautiful shrine there in preparation for the seminar. The hall was chosen to accommodate the large gathering of 170 participants.

The following day, the retreatants, Gomde staff, and other disciples received empowerment from Rinpoche in Gomde’s own shrine room. At that time, Rinpoche also imparted teachings.

One late afternoon, Rinpoche led students to the renowned Watch Tower on the mountain ridge in order to enjoy the breathtaking view of the Pyrenees, and to see Gomde nestled like a jewel in the lush forest. There, Rinpoche enjoyed a little “tea party of one “ before hiking down to the vehicles.

Before beginning the seminar, and the precious outer and inner Tara empowerment, Rinpoche took the entire group of 170 participants across the road from the Town Hall, to pay a respectful visit to a wonderful old Catholic Church which impressed us all as the much cherished very heart of La Bastide. Inside, Rinpoche spoke of the importance of respecting the sanctity of the chapel and encouraged reverence for all religions and their good works for sentient beings.

Thereafter, the elaborate Tara empowerment was kindly bestowed by Rinpoche, along with teachings, in the specially decorated town hall. A number of new students were also able to take refuge with Rinpoche that day.
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