The Purpose of Dharma

We are very happy to share this video message from Rinpoche, who sends his love and blessings to all of you. Rinpoche has been arranging a very important series of teachings by his senior western students. In this video, Rinpoche explains that the sole purpose of dharma is to gain perfect realization—Buddahood—in order to help countless sentient beings. Rinpoche explains the crucial ingredients needed for successful practice. We must receive teachings, contemplate them, meditate, and then apply the teachings. Therefore, Rinpoche advises us to listen to the recordings of Thomas Doctor’s teachings on profound emptiness, and Andreas Doctor’s teachings on the history of Buddhism, especially Vajrayana. Rinpoche also urges us to attend Heidi Koppl’s current course on the key text Establishing Appearances as Divine and then Erik Pema Kunsang’s teachings on Padmasambhava’s Lamrim Yeshe Nyingpo. For complete information on these courses, registration, and access to recordings, please visit:

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