Triyana Puja at Ka Nying Shedrub Ling Monastery

On June 6th, a great ceremony was held at Ka-Nying Shedrub Ling Monastery. During a full day Chod ceremony, eminent teachers, from all three Buddhist vehicles joined this unique event to practice together.

Talks were given and prayers performed in particular for the benefit of the victims of the recent earthquakes. Nepal’s prime Minister Sushil Koirala joined the main part of the ceremony and held a short speech. Nuns, monks and lay practitioners from many different schools wholeheartedly performed the different prayers together.

We would like to thank all the organizing parties, especially:
— The Organizations of Buddhist Monasteries (Lalitpur)
— Aksheswor Mahavihar Preservation Committee
— Rudra Varna Mahavihaar Pre. Committee
— Shri Padmavarna Mahayan Vihar, Jyatha Bahal Gumba

— Sardamma Suraksha Sanga Gumba, Hirnayavarna Mahavihar
— Buddha Jayanti Trust

— Lotus Research Center
— Yuwak Boudha Mandal (YMBA) Nepal
— Vajracharya Pujavidhi Addhyan Samiti

Nepal Paramparagat Bouddha Dharma Sangha
— Nagarjuna Institute of Exact Method
— Himalayan Buddhist Education Foundation
— Buddha Bhumi Nepal
— Maya Foundation
— Dharmadeep Mangal Gumba, Bhaktapur
— Dharmachakra Gumba Bode, Bhaktapur
— Dillibazaar Dharma Sangha, Kathmandu



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