Condolences to Sogyal Rinpoche’s family and the Rigpa sangha

My sangha and I wish to offer our deepest condolences to Sogyal Rinpoche’s family and the Rigpa sangha for the untimely passing of His Eminence Sogyal Rinpoche. Throughout his lifetime, he brought the teaching of Buddha Shakyamuni to thousands of people, and established monasteries and Dharma centers throughout the world. Also Sogyal Rinpoche invited many highly realized Rinpoches to give empowerments, profound instructions and reading transmissions. In particular, he provided many students of Buddhism with the opportunity to practice the Dharma intensively during both short and long retreats, which was of great benefit for many students. Therefore, his passing away is a great loss.

Let us make heartfelt prayers that all Rinpoche’s Dharma projects will be quickly fulfilled and that his reincarnation swiftly returns. May his devoted students continue to practice, and may their practice flourish.

Chokyi Nyima Rinpoche from Gomde Pyrenees, France.

May the aspiration of the glorious guru be fulfilled. May all beings, vast as space, have happiness and, by gathering the accumulations and purifying the obscurations, may I and all others be swiftly established at the level of enlightenment.

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