New Center for Studies of Buddhist Languages!


Today, at the auspicious occasion of the Ocean of Amrita group practice and empowerment in Gomde Denmark, Chokyi Nyima Rinpoche announced the establishment of a new center for the study and preservation of all Buddhist canonical languages at Rangjung Yeshe Institute in Kathmandu.

Rinpoche shared his plans for courses in Classical Buddhist Chinese to be launched already next summer at RYI, along with the existing courses in Tibetan, Sanskrit, Nepali, and Buddhist Studies.

In the coming semesters, courses will also be added in the remaining Buddhist canonical languages, such as Pali, Gandhari, Apabhramsha, Khotanese, Sogdian, Uighur, Tangut, Mongolian and other such languages in which the words of the Buddha still exist. It is Rinpoche’s hope that this new center may help fill a role in preserving the living knowledge of Buddhism in all its many forms and revitalize the study of those languages that for centuries have been vehicles for transmitting awakened wisdom.

Rinpoche would like to encourage us all to spread this news among the wider community of scholars and practitioners with the hopes of forming relationships with others who share this interest and would like to collaborate in turning Rinpoche’s vision for such an institute into a reality.

In the video above, Rinpoche elaborates on his vision for a new Center for Buddhist Languages. Next summer Rangjung Yeshe Institute will host the first summer courses with classes in Pali and Buddhist Literary Chinese. We welcome anyone interested in studying these languages or contributing in any other way to please contact us at RYI.
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