Inauguration of the new Dharmachakra Library of Rangjung Yeshe Institute

Today, Chokyi Nyima Rinpoche officially inaugurated the new Dharmachakra Library of Rangjung Yeshe Institute, located inside the beautiful Utpala Cafe premises. The new library will contain recensions of the Words of the Buddha in most major canonical languages, including Sanskrit, Tibetan, Pali and Chinese, as well as an extensive reference section to be used by students and translators. Rinpoche gave some explanations on how Dharma books were produced in Tibet and how special it is to be able to read and study them.

We make the wish that the new library will allow many current and future translators and scholars to get together, collaborate and learn from each other, and help keeping up the important practice of reading and studying the Buddha’s teachings.

Photo gallery:

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