A New Global Endowment for all Centers and Activities

We are delighted to share that on the auspicious day of Saga Dawa Duchen (Buddha Jayanti) and on the occasion of the initial consecration of the Thousand Buddha Temple (Pal Thubten Shedrub Ling) in Lumbini, the Shedrub Foundation has been formed.

For many years, sangha members have asked Chokyi Nyima Rinpoche how they can donate to support all his awakened activities at once—in Nepal and Asia, as well as in Europe and the Americas. Finally, we have formed a foundation that will hold a global endowment fund to nourish and help sustain all of Chokyi Nyima Rinpoche’s monasteries, Dharma centers, academic institutions, and other organizations. It will strengthen Buddhist study, practice, and service across the world for generations to come.

More details will follow in the coming weeks; we share this announcement now as another event to celebrate during this special time. We all deeply rejoice in the consecration of Pal Thubten Shedrub Ling and in the increasing study, practice, and service of our entire global sangha.


From the initial consecration of the Thousand Buddha Temple on Saga Dawa Duchen

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