Buddhist Science: An Exploration – John Dunne and Antoine Lutz

We are happy to announce a new course by John Dunne and Antoine Lutz becoming available on DharmaSun.

In his recent teachings on Buddha Nature, Chokyi Nyima Rinpoche recommended the Rangjung Yeshe Institute’s (RYI) Buddhist Studies summer course to all of his students interested in the mind, its functions, and methods for researching it, from both a Buddhist and a scientific point of view.

This year, RYI´s Buddhist Studies summer course has gone West for the second time and is being held at Gomde Germany-Austria, one of Rinpoche’s many beautiful Dharma centers.

Now you have the opportunity to join a section of this year’s summer course via Zoom, along with ensuing access to the recordings. You can learn from the exclusive insights of two of the world‘s foremost pioneers of neuroscientific research on contemplative practices: John Dunne and Antoine Lutz.

To register for the online course on DharmaSun and for more information:

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