A week of lectures by Prof John Dunne

Update August 07:

Recordings of Prof John Dunne’s lectures have been posted today here:


Original post:

We are delighted to announce an upcoming week of lectures by Prof. John Dunne, as part of this In this week Prof. Dunne explores the notion of reflexive awareness (Skt, svasaṃvitti; Tib.,rang rig) and its relationship to consciousness in Buddhist theory and practice.

He will then turn to parallel accounts in Western phenomenology and cognitive science, with special attention to the role that reflexive awareness may play in theories about minimal conscious experience.

You can watch his daily teaching sessions as well as possible Q&A sessions and possible Guest lectures live on Zoom, as well as the recordings later on DharmaSun.org (TBA)

The live sessions take place every day from Aug 1 – Aug 5:Time: 10:00 am to 11:30pm CEST (find your time zone)

Here is your Zoom link that enables you to join any of the live sessions via Zoom:

For more info about these events, please visit:


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