Summer seminar at Gomde UK

This summer Rinpoche has provided the following themes for his teaching programs at all Gomdes. Rinpoche will decide at each venue which theme or combination of themes he will use when he is here.

Tibetan Buddhism acknowledges three distinct ways of cultivating learning, reflection, and meditation:
1) Studies of the view
2) Meditation based on direct instruction
3) The transfer of blessings

Ngakso Puja – Ocean of Amrita
In addition to the teachings there will be the Ngakso Puja – Ocean of Amrita  – a full day mending and purification ritual on Sunday  August 25, 2018 – Dakini Day. Further details below.

We anticipate that Lama Tenzin and Lama Oser and will both be here for the seminar and offer teachings and practice guidance.
Rinpoche, Lama Tenzin and Lama Oser offer their teachings freely. Following tradition, participants may show their appreciation of the teachings through donation. Recognising the priceless nature of liberating instructions each person is welcome to offer as much as they wish.
For more info and registration, please visit:
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