Outer Tara Sadhana Retreat

About the Outer Tara sadhana

The sadhana of the Two Accumulations is practiced by all four schools of Tibetan Buddhism and is the first of the sadhanas that participants of Tara’s Triple Excellence practice. The sadhana, endowed with unique blessings and benefits, is a terma hidden by Guru Rinpoche and revealed by the great tertön, Chokgyur Lingpa. It is also said to be the best practice to gather conducive conditions to make a dharma center flourish.

Requirements and schedule

Since this retreat will be very rigorous, we advise that people be cautious about joining the retreat if they have not had experience with sadhanas, recitations and/or long meditation sessions. The schedule of the retreat will be demanding, as the daily sessions begin at 5 a.m. and end at 9 p.m. There will be four sessions every day, each lasting about two hours. In addition, there will be one hour of guiding instructions by Lama Tenzin.

This sadhana belongs to the outer tantra class of Kryia and Charya tantra. Therefore, there are certain physical disciplines connected with this practice: specifically, body cleanliness, and abstaining from meat, alcohol, cigarettes, garlic, eggs and onions. The kitchen will prepare all our meals accordingly.

Tara’s Triple Excellence participants

Even if you have not yet finished the first two Excellences, you are more than welcome to attend. During this retreat you will complete a part of the Third Excellence Part I.

Please note that you can attend the retreat even if you have not received the Outer Tara sadhana empowerment yet.

Location: Domaine des Aspres – Mas Can Pere Courreu La Bastide, Valmanya, France

Website: http://gomde.fr/

Registration link:  https://www.billetweb.fr/outer-tara-sadhana-july2017

Contact: rygomdefrance@gmail.com

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