Inner Tara Sadhana Retreat

About the Inner Tara sadhana

The Inner Tara sadhana is a very unique and rare practice, which stems from the Chokgyur Lingpa termas. It is an intensive retreat which we recommend for participants who already have some experience with sadhana practice. For Tara’s Triple Excellence practitioners, it will be an extraordinary opportunity to become familiar with the practice of the Third Excellence part 2.

Requirements and schedule

Since this retreat will be very rigorous we advise that people be cautious about joining the retreat if they have not had experience with sadhanas, recitations and/or long meditation sessions. The schedule of the retreat will be demanding, as the daily sessions begin at 5 a.m. and end at 9 p.m.

We would like to make the retreat closed; no coming or going. If for some reason you cannot join for the entire time, but wish to be part of this retreat, please send an application to, making note of your circumstances. However, we highly recommend that participants attend the entire retreat.

Please note that to be eligible for this retreat, you will need to have received the outer and inner Tara sadhana empowerments.

Location: Domaine des Aspres – Mas Can Pere Courreu La Bastide, Valmanya, France


Registration link: visit


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