Some advice during the time of COVID-19

My dearest Dharma students and friends,

At this time with the widespread of COVID-19 I want to share some advice! All of us should stay home and refrain from going out unnecessarily. Make use of this time. Study and practice like a retreat. It is a rare opportunity for us to have the time and the space to engage at once in the cultivation of stability love and openness .

This is the best time to spend accumulating the mantra of the Bhagavatī Parṇaśavari, who is associated with healing and the curing of contagious disease. Here is her mantra:
Recite the mantra at least one round of mala (rosary) daily.
Or you could recite the Praises to 21 Taras.
Whatever practices we do, we do with love for all beings, near and far. Bodhicitta is the nectar of fearlessness.

I encourage everyone to mix Mendrub (blessing pills) in water and drink it every morning on empty stomach.

I send my love and prayers for the good health, well-being, and freedom of all beings.

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